What are you grateful for?

So many people in my life are struggling. I am also not immune to the challenges of life. The past year or two have been a rolling and interesting series of challenges but also joys. I know that there are people struggling hard with health issues, financial issues, and otherwise.

I remember having what I perceived to be one of the worst days of my life. In the span of about three hours, during a horrible snowstorm, I was in not one but TWO car accidents, (with my youngest child in the car) ran over someone’s mailbox, ran over a squirrel (I have never killed anything!), and came home to a flooded basement. I remember calling my mom, just wanting to hear that it was going to be okay. After I shared my tale of woah, she responded…

“What are you grateful for?”

Seriously Mom? I am not grateful for anything that happened today. She then went on to explain that while the squirrel might not agree, everything else could be fixed. It was just stuff. My son and I were both fine. UGH. That was so frustrating…

But she was right.

So… right now. In your current situation, I ask you- What are you grateful for?

Sometimes it has to be the smallest thing. I have a roof over my head. I have heat. I have a car to take me to work. I have food to eat. The leaf on the sidewalk is brilliant. Sometimes it is the smallest thing. But I try to see that as the pinhole of light I might need to light up a dark day.

Gratitude is a lifeline- especially on the dark days. I hope you find the light today.

with so much love,