I launched a new product in November—an affirmation deck of cards. To be transparent, I did this for me. I don’t always do that, but this project has been swimming in my head for no less than five years. I started it (but never finished it) at least four or five times. Then one day, after having lunch with two friends who are not only dear to me but fantastic cheerleaders, I sat down for about four days and worked on nothing but this very project.

There were moments of uncertainty, but when I slowed down to listen, to see, I found the path was paved before me. I worried that something I struggled with was almost too easy. To be fair, the art was already scanned and edited. The text had been swimming in my head for literally years, and well, it flowed together seamlessly. I found that I had to try to keep up! It felt like an ordained project, almost magical.

It is easy to overthink any project. This project at this time seemed to ignore all those challenges. The next step was to send it to my printer. That is an understatement when I suggest that I am pretty darn lucky to have found my printer. They are wonderful, do great work, and work with artists until it is perfect.

We test-printed a few times and then my dream became a reality. I started carrying around the mock-up of the deck and became a seven-year-old wanting to show everyone I met. The response was incredible!

Why am I sharing all this? I think that in general many of us have struggled with negative thoughts. It is easy to go there, isn’t it? Upon doing a little research, I learned that we think (on average) about 60,000 thoughts a day. Of those, about 80% are negative and 95% of our total thoughts are repetitive. WOW! That is a heck of a challenge, isn’t it?

I know how easy it is to deep dive into the negative. I know personally how difficult it is to climb out of that spiral and find the positive, or at least the blessing. So, as much for anyone, this is for me. I made these with the hope that it would help. (you and me!)

So the idea behind this deck is to start your day with a positive thought. The hope is that if you do so, THAT will be your repeating message and hopefully, it will help shape the rest of your positive thoughts each day. In my deck, there are fifty-two cards, each with a positive affirmation written on a piece of my art.

However you find the light, I hope you do so with vigor. The world can be a difficult place, the last thing we need is negativity swimming around in our heads.

I wish you peace, and I am sending you so much love,


My new deck!

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