Coming in May!

May will be a fun month full of creativity and visits to some of my favorite places! First up is a weekend at Genrich’s Garden Center Florist & Greenhouses! Genrich’s is much more than a garden center- this is a lovely place, with a big heart and unbelievable beauty. I love being there! (I have even thought of asking for a job!)

Have you ever wondered about watercolors? Have you tried them and gotten frustrated? Frustration no more! On May 10th you can visit The Purple Door Soul Source and have an introduction to watercolors. We will have fun, and explore the medium. If you like it, there is another offering on Thursdays- we will dive creatively into watercolors! Sign-up is at the Purple Door on their website! Here is a link to the introductory workshop!

On May 11th, Come visit @the Mill Gallery in Honeoye Falls! I will be with my friend, Nancy Radzik! You can visit us and the latest showing – a member’s show – “Looks like Spring”- it is spectacular!

The last creative offering in May is a collage workshop through Oasis Rochester. It will be at my studio- we will explore composition, and making papers, and using found papers and… well you get the idea! This will be a fun opportunity and you need no skills to be successful!

Thank you for always supporting me – for affirming this journey – I appreciate you more than I can express.

Sending you so much love!


On a wire

On Friday I will share an opening with my dear friend Maia Horvath. Maia is one incredible artist. She works so quickly and also seemingly without fear. When I witness her art-making particularly in her studio, she is like a keyed up hummingbird hopped up on brilliance and motivation. It is incredible to witness, a joy to participate in.

One afternoon this past November, Maia and I were brainstorming about an exhibit we could collaborate on. It was a lovely afternoon full of incredible ideas. I personally felt empowered and ready to work.

The really fun part of collaborating with Maia is that she is all in. She is clever with her use of materials, she does not hesitate to try something and then pull it apart, and she works until she feels the piece is truly wonderful, (never just good enough). I am inspired by her.

For me, this exhibit has been a challenge. While I adore the art of mixed media, I am not as adept with assemblage. For me, there has been a learning curve. I suppose that is partially what this was all about.

On a wire is about taking a risk. It is about pushing just a little. It is about taking a risk and seeing where it goes.

Now it is your turn. We have done the work. It is hung and waiting for you. I hope you will take a chance and come out to the opening, or perhaps one of the other fourteen days it will be open. I will be glad to see you!

with peace & love,