Be brave with your dreams

Happy Rainy Tuesday. It is a pretty non-motiviating day here in Rochester, New York. As I sit with a cup of warm coffee, the air is heavy and damp. It is thinking about raining and then almost does, but seems unwilling to commit. The sky is a grey that seems almost nondescript, yet committed to the gloom of the moment.

I am sitting here working on future PR, designing some cards for Greetings 4 Good and thinking (and overthinking) about my immediate business future. They say that a journey begins with a single step. I have taken many steps, and know it is time to take a few more, with gusto and courage too!

No one has the power to make your dreams happen..... except for you. How will you work toward making your dreams realized?
How will you make your dreams realized?

I suppose I am not unique in that I have been searching for some time for the “magic formula”. I KNOW what I want to do, ultimately. (encourage others, spread peace wildly, make oodles of art- SO MUCH ART!) I understand that there is a process to this, a path that is probably not linear. I also truly believe with all that I am that greater success is within reach, but I believe the fear of really walking out on the limb scares me into inaction. I stick with what I know. I have had many brave moments, but once you summon the courage for one goal, you must reach for the next one, right?

So I am thinking, what if I took a left turn instead of the predictable right?

I have seen my business grow on a fairly predictable path. I have enjoyed success, joys, and challenges. I have worked diligently, with courage, and a fair amount of tenacity. I have even witnessed what seems to be successful for others and attempted to adopt what I have seen as best practices for my own. I have worked the last eight years to refine that recipe. In so many ways it is working. I have realized so many goals. I am joyfully a member of a very vivacious artistic community. Yet, In other ways, I am left with the feeling that I am “almost there”.

I suppose the nature of the entrepreneur is to want more. To continue to grow, to continue the bigger bloom.

I do.

What occurs to me is that literally every path is unique. I definitely have my own ideas about life, success, a million other topics. Why then do I expect that what works for you will work for me? Why then do I not honor my own very specific and personalized journey? Why then, do I deny what is inside over what might be successful, popular, accepted, marketable, or even profitable? Isn’t part of the entrepreneur to pave their own way?


I remember taking a trip when I was younger, my mom would plan out every detail. She would go to AAA to get a triptik. (this is before the world of the internet and GPS children) It was magical and exciting to flip a page. (It meant we had traveled at least one hundred miles and we were closer to our ultimate destination) AAA was really well informed about where the construction zones were and other such details. They, of course, could not anticipate where an accident might occur delaying traffic or even re-routing it. (like I said, BEFORE the internet and GPS devices) So, Mom would pull out one of no doubt five or six maps and figure out an alternative to get us around the traffic jam. She had to direct us on a new route. We would switch gears and be on our way.

Hmmm. Seems like a pretty sweet metaphor for what I am talking about, right?

Take note. Life is full of detours and traffic jams. Personally and professionally. No one can really predict what is going to happen in the next five minutes, let alone at the end of the day. Our challenge as tenacious humans is to stay on OUR path, to reach our goals.

So how do we do this? If you are reading this, no doubt you have lived a bit of life. You have had success and failure, growth and pain. You have learned. Right? You have learned so. many lessons. You have listened and observed. You have done the work of your very precious life. If you reflect carefully on all of that, you have picked up COUNTLESS tools in which to pave your road. The road that will bring you to your dreams. Because you see it isn’t enough to dream and wish for things to happen. You must MAKE things happen.

The really good news? You possess the tools. They are right there. Right in your hand.

The bad news? Well, it isn’t so bad, it is merely that it might just be time for you to pave your own road.

We all know that it is probably easier to some degree to be a follower. It is a decision many of us have made at one time or another. However, at some point you figure out that it actually is NOT all that easy to follow. You may inspire me, or I may adopt something that seems to be fruitful for you, but your path won’t work for me. It might for a time, but not ultimately. My path won’t work for you.

So, what does it look like for you? How does your road proceed from here?

It is time for some changes, my friend. It is time for some bold moves, some brave actions. I know it’s scary. I AM SCARED TO DEATH. But I am doing it.

As I lay this new foundation, the road less traveled is where I will be. It is uncertain where it will ultimately lead. I just know, that I am on MY right path. I believe in the tools I have acquired in order to live my best life. Catch phrase or not, it is an apt description of my next step.

I wish you every courage to use your tools to pave the road to your precious dreams.

with great big love,


a rainbow fingerprint with the text "live your fingerprint.
Go get those big dreams!

a cup of kindness, please

I admit that for the last two years or so, I have a difficult time listening to the news in the morning. I used to be a dedicated NPR fan. I listened to know and to grow. I did so, until it all became too much.

Then I tuned out.

I had to. I couldn’t do it. I would listen in the morning and be upset all day and not be able to sleep at night. Yes, I know, I have been told repeatedly. “You are too sensitive.” I suppose that is true. I always have been, as hard as I have tried to “toughen up” I probably always will be.

But is that so bad?

The thing about being sensitive is that even though it can be so painful at times, it is also a tool to succeed at life with. When you are in a room full of people laughing and you can see the one person who is putting on a good show but is full of pain and in need sensitive becomes a gift, instead of undesirable.

I suppose on some level I have not always appreciated this gift. Being criticized for my sensitivity has made it seem like it is a curse rather than a blessing. Fortunately, as we age, hopefully, wisdom comes too. It is easier to see that the glass is half full instead of half empty. Being able to see through the facade to what really is going on with the aforementioned life of the party has been a gift. An opportunity for me to be able to see past and reach out to someone in need.

Going back to my NPR ban. I am frustrated at times that I am both so opinionated and so powerless. I don’t understand much about the world, politics, war. It seems to me that if we put love first, we can live happily and co-exist together ever so wonderfully. I know, it is a naive thought. However, if you think about it, this is not so horrible an idea.

May I ask you a question? When was the last time someone did something kind for you? It could have been the simplest thing. Letting you cut in in a heavy line of traffic, paying for your coffee, sending you a card for no reason at all, bringing you flowers, delivering dinner- whatever the gift was, how did that make you feel? Hold that feeling for a moment. The gesture was simple, but the rewards (for both of you most likely) were great.

It almost doesn’t matter if it had a huge impact or a sort one. The point I am trying to make is that it likely DID make a difference to you. That is very important to this message.

I am hoping your instinct is such that you would like to take that feeling and spread it around a bit. My theory is that when we are busy being kind to each other and even include strangers in that, we have a more difficult time judging or something even more negative. Look at this as little seeds of peace that you are spreading around like confetti!

So what do you do? It’s easy- be thoughtful, be kind. No, you actually do not have to buy coffee for your office mate daily (though once in a while is nice- I had co-workers that brought me one every single Friday. It was just lovely! Thank you, Susan & Anna!). Try this- Let someone out in front of you in traffic, leave a post it note for someone having a rough day at the office, pick your spouse a flower, play a game ON THE FLOOR with a child, (meet them at their level), check with a neighbor to see if they need anything from the store… simple things. Easy things. Smile at a stranger, share the cookies you baked (or bought), celebrate nothing, visit someone, send a card to someone you haven’t spoken with in a length of time.

JUST DO SOMETHING- a little thing… daily – if we each do this, I BELIEVE we will change the world.

Sending YOU love. Will you join me on my crusade?


a heart in the middle that has been painted with layers. the words One act of kindness a day can change 365 lives, #the thoughtfulness project
small acts of kindness, big gestures of love

On a wire

On Friday I will share an opening with my dear friend Maia Horvath. Maia is one incredible artist. She works so quickly and also seemingly without fear. When I witness her art-making particularly in her studio, she is like a keyed up hummingbird hopped up on brilliance and motivation. It is incredible to witness, a joy to participate in.

One afternoon this past November, Maia and I were brainstorming about an exhibit we could collaborate on. It was a lovely afternoon full of incredible ideas. I personally felt empowered and ready to work.

The really fun part of collaborating with Maia is that she is all in. She is clever with her use of materials, she does not hesitate to try something and then pull it apart, and she works until she feels the piece is truly wonderful, (never just good enough). I am inspired by her.

For me, this exhibit has been a challenge. While I adore the art of mixed media, I am not as adept with assemblage. For me, there has been a learning curve. I suppose that is partially what this was all about.

On a wire is about taking a risk. It is about pushing just a little. It is about taking a risk and seeing where it goes.

Now it is your turn. We have done the work. It is hung and waiting for you. I hope you will take a chance and come out to the opening, or perhaps one of the other fourteen days it will be open. I will be glad to see you!

with peace & love,