“Reining Gold”

This is one of two paintings I dropped off today at the Genesee Valley Council on the Arts for the Sunlight and Shadows Exhibition. First, I am pleased that I set a goal, and met the goal. I even dropped it off on time!

I share this piece particularly because this piece reminded me deeply why I am an artist. It fortified the idea that art is my oxygen and is important and essential to my life.

In December I broke several fingers on my dominant hand. I worked around the inconvenience fairly well. But soon, deadlines started looming. I wanted to enter this exhibition and to be completely transparent, I hadn’t even begun the painting yet.

I tried to paint with my splinted hand. It was not possible. SO, I switched hands. This painting (with the exception of my signature) has been created entirely with my non-dominant hand. It was slow and painful to do it that way. However, I rejoice in the fact that I did not let anything get in my way! I learned so much. I learned to have more patience with myself, I learned layers really are my friend, and I learned how to do this adapting to my new reality.

So I share this with you- proud of what I learned more than the aesthetic of the painting. Thank you for listening…

“Reigning Gold” copyright 2024 Susan Carmen-Duffy

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