Art of the Feminine-

Females are complex in all worlds. Nature has dressed us differently. I am fascinated by the female spirit, in human form as well as in nature. I see power and gentleness, beauty and grace.

Susan Carmen-Duffy

“Her Sacred Heart”- Mixed Media Sculpture – Susan Carmen-Duffy

“Her Sacred Heart” is an assemblage piece that envisions a heart seemingly protected, yet vulnerable. In her life, she does her best to love unconditionally, yet the journey can hurt or even break her heart. She is challenged to rise again and love more, deeper. Her sacred heart symbolizes the pure and tenacious love freely given, despite her splintered heart.  


Mixed Media on watercolor paper- Donated to the Breast Cancer Coalition of Rochester Annual Auction

“Goddess”- mixed media

“If she could speak”- photograph taken in Rochester, NY in the old subway bed.

This was an incredible experience. Walking through the spaces of history, transportation, of sadness, and desperation. When I saw her, my breath was taken away.

“We shall find peace and the sky sparkling like diamonds”- Mixed Media

“lil, Pumpkin Head” – Suburban Woman Series- Mixed Media-

The Suburban Woman series began with a study using very geometric shapes to create themes in a female form. Each woman was “built” by objects that would be inspired by the theme. The series varied from 12″ in height to about 36″ in height. The original series which is now largely with collectors debuted at Paloma’s Restaurant in Baltimore, Maryland in the late 90’s.

“Queen of Hearts” – Suburban Women Series- Mixed Media

“Soul’s Assembly”- Mixed Media

“The Four Seasons” – Mixed Media

I am fascinated by the four seasons. Living all of my life in the Northeast, Seasons are a very big part of my life. This piece has been swirling in my head for decades. Inspired by some of Mucha’s exquisite work, this mixed media piece on a full sheet of watercolor paper, personifies the seasons and celebrates them.

“The Seasons of Her” – mixed media

We go through so much in our lifetime. It leaves an indelible impression.

“reBirth”- mixed media

We are born and reborn. To shed the past, and move to the future can be painful, and freeing.

“Healer” – mixed media

In the art of mandala- dragonflies are a symbol of healing. This is a common theme in my work, especially mandala work. This piece is 30″ x 24″.

“In Spirit” – Mixed media on player piano paper

This piece is from the “Letters to the Saints” series. It was an exhibit I created for a showing dedicated to my grandfather and to creating on player piano paper. The pieces ranged from individually framed pieces to pieces that remained on the scroll and hung from 20′ ceilings.

When I was a child, my grandparents would visit, and we would often have lunch together. They would bring special treats for lunch. After lunch, my grandfather would push away from the table and say, “Well, it is time to go write a letter to the saints.” He would then disappear into my parents’ bedroom.

I had no clue what that meant and took it all quite literally. There were times I even looked for a mystical mailbox to find where the letters were mailed from in my parents’ bedroom. One of the interesting things that happened as a result of this, is because of my lack of awareness of what was actually happening, my imagination filled in the story. “Letters to the Saints” honors that time, imagination and wonder.

“In Flight”- colored pencil

“At the Symphony” Mixed media

It occurs to me that life is full of noise, texture, and color. This piece celebrates the whole that we can become, the bloom, and wonder in (or despite) the chaos of life.

“Center of her universe” – mixed media

We are deeper than what is seen on the surface. There is more, always more.

“Dancing in the Rain” – mixed media

Perhaps the tress have more to say than the ability to display the dress of leaves.

“Yarn Bomb Glory” – mixed media

A few decades ago, I witnessed my first yarn bomb on a tree. It was magical, it left an impression. It showed me color in a different way, and texture in a magical way!

“Celebration of the Seasons” – mixed media

This piece began as a way to “get through” the pandemic. Each week I would paint live to share the process, the fun, and be a little bit of a distraction. The seasons are a theme for me, the celebration of all that mother earth shares with us is an inspiration.

“Storm of my Soul”- mixed media

Days are not always delightful. Some are dark, some are heavy.

“In the Garden” -mixed media- used in textiles

Who needs a horizontal garden? Textures, my friend!

“A Soul’s Harvest” – mixed media

See past the physical self… celebrate the soul’s dance.

“The Stars are Best Seen at Night” – mixed media

Moonlight sky, stars shine… darkness is no longer black, but brilliant.

“Moonlight Kiss” -Mixed Media

“In the Sunshine- mixed media.